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Photon-X is a twenty-year-old 3D shape–based AI applications company based in Orlando, Florida. At the core of 3D shape-based AI is the Company’s exclusive Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI) technology. In addition to spectral and intensity data, Photon-X’s SPI’s sensor technology captures include but are not limited to surface angle data, clusters of surface elements and clusters of surfaces, index of refraction, broadband spectrum, 3D shape-based detection correlation, 2D shape-based detection, and surface normals. The SPI pixel-level surface data is the enabler of 3D shape-based artificial intelligence. Therefore, an object’s orientation is no longer a hindrance to its AI identification and other analytics. The passive real-time 3D sensor technology can acquire 3D surface data across the electromagnetic spectrum including X-ray, infrared, and radio, thus enabling 3D shape-base AI applications across the EM spectrum. Currently, Photon-X has numerous applications of the AI technology and is continuously creating new AI algorithms for additional business case applications.


Photon-X focuses strictly on government and defense clients, while VyzAI (, the commercialization sister company to Photon-X, delivers 3D shape-based AI solutions to consumers and industry.

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