This video is a technology capabilities demonstration of imagery captured using unique, proprietary Photon-X Biometric Sensor enable camera.

This is a conceptual capabilities demonstration of the Photon-X Behaviometrics Analysis System, in development now. This system analyzes delta in facial motion using the volumetric data captured by our SPI Biometric sensor.

The motion of a subject's face is correlated to a uniform facial muscle model, and the motion of each muscle is quantified. Using the Behaviometrics Analysis System, it is possible to quantify simple data that describes the linear motion of all of the facial muscles in realtime and then interpolate this data using a psychological profiling system.

In the demo, on the top left is the 3D geometry, in the top middle is the delta of the skin from an established rest frame, and the top right is the RGB video. The bottom left is the captured face superimposed on a uniform muscle model, which is seen on the bottom right. As each muscle movement is triggered, you will see it light up on this face model. The bottom middle video is a graphical representation of the simple numerical data channels the FACES software is able to produce; each bar represents a muscle, with height being the normalized intensity of its motion.