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    Methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits.

    Biometrics comprises methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. Biometric recognition enabled systems are used as a form of secure identity access management and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.

    Standoff Biometrics is the ability to collect biometric data, overtly or covertly, from a distance.

    Biometric characteristics can be divided in two main classes:

    • Physiological Biometrics are related to the shape of the body. Examples include, but are not limited to facial and iris recognition, hand - palm geometry and fingerprints.

    • Behaviometrics are related to the behavior of a person. Examples include, but are not limited to body posture movement, gait and micro-expressions.

Advanced 3D Sensor Systems

Photon-X 3D Volumetric Sensors
At the core of Photon-X 3D technologies are a series of patented SPI Biometric Sensors. These innovative sensors [...] More..

Photon-X 3D biometric sensors can be integrated with existing video surveillance systems, adding a powerful combination of 3D biometric capture, along with motion and shape analysis capabilities.

    The multi-modal (full range) set of biometrics such as facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint/full case prints, micro-gestures, full body motion and gait detection can be isolated and analyzed in milliseconds allowing for faster identification and reaction times. 

    System Capabilities

* Innovative standof biometric capture
* Supports full range of biometric modalities
* Exceeds NIST standards
* Records 3D on everything sensor detects
* Records either static or video mode
* Interfaces with existing databases
* Rapid indentification process
* Single Mode Biometric Recognition
* Multi Mode Biometric Recognition
* Secure Access Control Envionment
* Behavior Analytics
* Surveillance

Company Information

Photon-X 3D Volumetric Applications
Sstandoff Biometric imaging sensors to support a wide range of applications and markets.

Finger Prints
Palm Prints
Average distance between ridges
is 8 image pixels

Standoff Automatic Fingerprint Extraction

SPI 3D Sensor Based Technologies

3D Volumetric Systems
3D Biometric Verification Systems
Nanometric Encoding & Tagging
Non-Contact Measurement Applications